Columbia Care Featured on WROC for Capsule Release

October 20, 2016



WROC 10/19/2016 5:12:32 PM:patients and twenty doctors throughout monroe county. wakisha bailey spoke with them about what we can expect to see soon. wakisha? ((wakisha/dplsm)) the department of health announced numerous recommendations that will enhance its medical marijuana program in new york state. according to columbia care—some of these new regulations and guidelines are about to go into effect. columbia care c-e-o, nicholas vita— says within six months if everything goes according to plan— they will be able to expand their services through a delivery process. in addition, they have now added more medical offerings for patients to choose from. ((sot)) nicholas vita ” we have inhalable vaporizers, pins which are a different form of delivery, and actually we introduced our hard filled capsule which is the first of its kind. “((sot)) nicholas vita” the introduction rather the recommendation to introduce delivery should alleviate any concern over access because the registered services will be able to deliver to the home. ” ((wakisha/dplsm))vita says, people suffering from severe chronic pain can now be approved to receive medical marijuana. the number of patients needing this service are on a rise, but doctors are still reluctant to sign on. at six we will find out why? maureen <> it has been a beautiful day with a little bubble of high pressure building into the area following yesterday’s cold front. the sunshine we are seeing now will be replaced by clouds overnight, and eventually rain showers arriving by early thursday morning. we will keep the rain off and on through the day, with about a quarter to three quarters of an inch of rain through the day. we will keep the rain around straight