Columbia Care Launches Nation’s First Dose-Metered, Extended-Release, Pharmaceutical-Quality Medical Marijuana Tablets

March 8, 2018

Patent-pending 10 milligram tablet will provide targeted and lasting relief across range of symptom and illness categories, including chronic pain


NEW YORK, NY – March 8, 2018 – Columbia Care LLC (“Columbia Care”), the nation’s leading medical marijuana company, announced today the introduction of proprietary, dose-metered, pharmaceutical-quality, hard-pressed tablets in New York State.  This novel route of administration, the first of its kind available in the United States, is designed to provide long-lasting relief across a wide range of symptom and illness categories. The tablets are manufactured by segregating and formulating precise combinations of active compounds derived from targeted strains of medical marijuana plants.  Columbia Care’s tablets will be available for registered patients the week of March 12.


The tablets’ unique formulations and drug delivery technology provide a discreet and targeted administration option for all patient groups, particularly those with fine motor control issues and patients managing the effects of chronic illnesses (such as epilepsy, neuropathy, PTSD and IBS/Crohn’s disease). The formulated tablets extend the release time of the active ingredients beyond that of oral and inhalable methods, aimed at reducing the required doses per day and patient costs while providing better long-term symptom control.  Furthermore, in comparison to currently available liquid-filled capsules, tablets offer a longer duration of action without the risk of leakage or spoilage.


“To fulfill Columbia Care’s mission of improving lives, we dedicate ourselves to leading through innovation. Developing and commercializing novel products and services is engrained in our DNA and is the foundation for the commitment we make to every person and community we serve,” said Columbia Care CEO Nicholas Vita. “Today, patients and medical professionals now have one more treatment option that meets the consistency and quality they expect and deserve, while providing the lasting relief patients need. Identifying solutions to some of the most debilitating and pervasive illnesses and their symptoms drives our organization.  We are expanding patient access, improving lives, reducing cost and setting the standard of care with this new, precise method of administration.”


Vita added, “We are proud to introduce this new offering and grateful to our team for their creativity and ingenuity.  We look forward to launching Columbia Care’s tablets nationwide by year-end.”


Columbia Care’s patent-pending, hard-pressed tablets are designed using proprietary, precisely manufactured formulations that include a targeted portfolio of the most important active compounds while preserving the broad chemical profile of the plant.  These tablets are pre-scored for ‘splitting’ to create additional titration and dosing options. Furthermore, all tablets are imprinted with the Columbia Care logo and product identification to provide additional product safety confirmation for the patient.


The first three tablet formulations include high-THC, high-CBD and ‘Balanced Entourage’ variants. They are available to patients and their caregivers at Columbia Care’s New York dispensaries, or online through Columbia Care’s home delivery option.  By year end, Columbia Care plans to make this product available, along with its other pharmaceutical quality products, through its national organization including, but not limited to, Florida, Ohio, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Illinois, Arizona, Puerto Rico, California and Washington, D.C.


About Columbia Care LLC

Columbia Care is the nation’s largest and most experienced manufacturer and provider of medical marijuana products and services. The company is licensed in highly selective and regulated jurisdictions and has completed more than 600,000 successful patient interactions since its inception. Working in collaboration with some of the most renowned and innovative teaching hospitals and medical centers in the country, Columbia Care is a patient-centered healthcare company setting the standard for compassion, professionalism, quality, caring, and innovation for a rapidly expanding new industry.


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