Columbia Care Riverhead featured on News 12 Long Island

November 2, 2016


new option for long islanders who use medical marijuana to ease their pain medical marijuana pills. news 12 jessica borg shows us – in a story you’ll see only on 12. “it doesn’t get me high. it definitely makes me feel relaxed.” carrie ann salvi is battling stage 3 breast cancer. she started taking liquid doses of medical marijuana about 7 months ago. and says — since then, she feels better. she’s looking forward to trying the new medical marijuana pill — for convenience…among other reasons. “people are so used to popping pills, i think its gonna help open up people’s mi with the stigma of medical marijuana.” the pill form is now available at the medical marijuana dispensary here in riverhead. it’s the first of it’s kind in the country. the ceo of columbia care — which runs the dispensary — says the pill might be easier for certain patients to take. “if you have fine motor skill issues, problems, using vapors or sub- lingual tinctures, because of symptoms you’re dealing with, it might be easier as a delivery method.” “the ceo of columbia care says their pill is similar to the size of advil. it might provide longer symptom relief than other forms of medical marijuana. that means potentially fewer doses per day.” but opponents of legalized medical marijuana say it’s potentially dangerous — if it gets into the wrong hands. steve chassman is with the long island council on alcoholism and drug dependence. he worries pills might be easy for healthy people to get a hold of — and abuse. “if you were to ingt a pill on an empty stomach, you could have severe psychoactive effects from thc — which is the active chemical in marijuana.” for carrie ann salvi — more options for medical marijuana — means more options for relief. “i just feel like a general better health taking this.” in riverhead, i’m jessica borg, news 12 long island. the c-e-o of columbia care says he hopes to lower prices over the next 24 months. right now – the pill form of medical marijuana is the same price as other forms. your child’s cellphone could be keeping him or her awake. new research shows …