What products do you have in stock at Columbia Care?

May 4, 2016

We currently have three formats of products available. Click here for details on our product offerings.

  1. Sublingual tincture is a liquid placed underneath the tongue with an oral syringe. We have sublingual tincture in three different THC:CBD formulations: 20T:1C, 1T:1C and 1T:20C ratios.
  2. Vaporization products, which enable patients to inhale the vaporized medication. We have vaporization products in three different THC:CBD formulations: 20T:1C, 1T:1C and 1T:20C ratios.
  3. Capsules, which are formulated as powder-filled capsules to be swallowed. We have capsules in three different THC:CBD formulations: 20T:1C, 1T:1C and 1T:20C ratios.

Please contact your dispensary to confirm availability of the product and quantity you wish to obtain.