Product Types

Columbia Care NY is proud to offer a product line that merges industry-leading cannabis cultivation standards with cutting-edge pharmaceutical-quality technology.

Each product we carry is precision-engineered to deliver controlled-dose cannabis medicine in a variety of patient-oriented formats and condition-specific cannabinoid concentrations.

Our product lines are designed to meet the diverse needs of qualifying patients in the New York State Medical Marijuana Program.

Columbia Care NY’s expert staff is available to provide individual guidance in the proper use of each product and answer any questions you have.






Sublingual Tinctures

Tincture is a cannabis-infused liquid solution that can be swallowed or administered under the tongue and absorbed through the gums. When consumed sublingually (beneath the tongue), tincture can produce effects within 15 minutes. This method is popular with patients seeking more immediate symptom relief. When swallowed, tincture has a slow onset and may take 60-90 minutes before effects are felt. This option is popular among patients seeking long-lasting symptom relief. Patients are encouraged to exercise caution and allow each dose to take full effect before an additional dose is taken.

The instructional video above shows a demonstration of our new product. View the instructional video for the old unit here.

Vaporization Oil

Vaporization technology allows cannabis extract to be heated into a mist or vapor form and inhaled by the patient. This option is popular among patients seeking immediate symptom relief and offers the benefit of precise dosage control. Columbia Care NY has developed a state-of-the-art personal vaporizer system exclusively for New York medical marijuana patients. This innovative approach provides patients with the convenience and versatility of inhaled cannabis in a health-focused format. Click here for instructions on how to use the product.

Hard-Pressed Tablets

Hard-pressed tablets are the latest addition to Columbia Care’s product line. Similar to capsules, hard-pressed tablets may be popular with patients seeking long-lasting symptom relief or whose condition limits fine motor control and requires a traditional easy-to-use medication. If desired, hard-pressed tablets can be broken in half to create two half-strength doses.

Medicinal Formulations

Our next-generation cultivation center produces highly-advanced cannabis genetics selected for their uniquely medicinal cannabinoid profiles. These essential compounds are delicately extracted to produce 3 distinct formulations designed to treat specific symptoms.