Thank you for your order! We’ll contact you shortly to confirm.

Please be available during normal business hours on the day of the delivery to receive your medical marijuana.

Our Delivery Team will ask to see the following at the time of delivery:

  • Your medical marijuana card or medical marijuana caregiver card 
  • Or your temporary medical marijuana card or medical marijuana caregiver card with State-Issued Photo ID
  • You can pay at delivery with debit card with PIN, or Columbia National Care credit card.


If a patient no longer wants a delivery, the patient must provide at least 24 hours advance notice. In the event a patient cancels in less than 24 hours a $20.00 charge will be incurred and added to the patient’s next transaction. By submitting the delivery request, the patient understands and agrees to this cancellation policy and associated cancellation fee.

Additional Information: 

Please note that Columbia Care delivery drivers cannot provide any consultation. If you have any questions or concerns pertaining to your medical marijuana order, you will need to contact our New York City dispensary at 646-453-7178.