“The first time was scary and brand new to me. I’d never even used marijuana before then. Apart from how well the product works, it’s the people who make up your NY/Riverhead office who instantly made me feel safe and well informed. There is no one I would not recommend the experience to. Thank you all so much.”

– Kyle

“Caring people work here. They listen to what your pain is and then recommend what you should use. Clean place. Top notch security. Haven’t used a 1/4 of the pain medication I used to.”

– Deborah

“I saw 2 of our mutual patients yesterday who had glowing reviews of the staff at Columbia Care! Thanks to the folks at Columbia Care for your excellent work and care of my patients. Happy and a healthy New Year to you! Warm regards.”

– Lillie Rosenthal, D.O. Board Certified, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

“The pharmacist and staff made me feel secure and comfortable at my first appointment. I was apprehensive and nervous, but they quickly put me at ease and fully explained the medication and how to use it.”

– Lisa

“This dispensary is an absolute pleasure. I’ve been to others, so I know what else exists. You are organized, professional, and helpful. Thank you!”

– Sara

“The facility is pristine and very calming. Everyone, starting with the greeter Linda and the front desk is very welcoming.   The pharmacist I saw was excellent in so many ways. He was knowledgeable, patient, an excellent listener, and most importantly and excellent explainer. I highly recommend this facility.”

– Janet

“I am a RN who lived on pain meds for 20 years. Without maintenance of any kind, I was able to get off of all medications for chronic pain thanks to this program. I also can eat again after having multiple abdominal surgeries including gastric bypass, ulcers, and perforation.”

– Lori

“COLUMBIA CARE lives up to its name. People friendly, Pharmacists Ethan Chan and Tricia Reed, provided the perfect dosage and medicine I needed to kill my intense Pain. The decor and atmosphere of the office is clean and comfortable. The wait time is minimal.”

– Justine

“Very friendly, polite, professional staff. Very clean, well decorated office and peaceful atmosphere.”

– Christina

“I was apprehensive on my first visit, but Laurie and rest of the staff have been so friendly, welcoming and helpful, that I look forward to my visits now. They are very knowledgeable and are ready and willing to answer questions and provide any necessary assistance. Overall has been a very positive and uplifting experience during a stressful time in our lives.”

– William

“I feel so fortunate to be a patient here as not only have I received substantial relief to my debilitating pain but the staff is absolutely incredible.”

– Kimberly

“I have MS and want to sing the praises of medical marijuana. I have shed my cane and started getting feeling in my lower body. My last neurologist  visit when they used the charger thing on my knee it actually moved! My doctor was amazed. I have some mobility back and am enjoying life. I work at it and will survive – but in a healthier non-debilitating pain-free way. I still have bad days but fewer and I take my drops when needed. Thank you for being here!”

– Angela

“The product that I have received from Columbia Care was just perfect. I had clear vision and I felt no pain, and I had perfect balance throughout my body.”

– Nicholas

“Every time I arrive it’s a pleasant visit and a pleasant atmosphere the people here try and help me as much as possible.”

– Taaliba

“Columbia Care has been so helpful from the start. They are very understanding and caring as well as knowledgeable.”

– Stephanie

“Excellent service, they truly try to work with you to get you what works for you. Extremely helpful.”

– Sal

“I am very impressed with the level of professionalism at the dispensary. Many people have a large misconception of what transpires here and what the average patient looks like. This is not a bunch of burnouts; it’s compassionate care.”

– Michele

“Every time I visit the Columbia Care Dispensary, I feel as though I have stepped into an up-scale shop. Everything about this facility is First Class. I attend approximately 10–15 Doctors appointments every month and the staff at the dispensary is, by far, the most professional, caring and nicest staff I have ever encountered. Thank you!”

– Gregory

“My experience with the staff has been wonderful. I grew up in the service industry, and I know that service is just as important as product. They all have gone above and beyond their call of duty. From remembering my name to walking me out to the car. 5 stars.”

– Robert