1. Charge battery for 30-40 minutes using USB charging device provided. The red light on the end of battery will turn off when fully charged.
  2. Screw on Columbia Care medical marijuana cartridge.
  3. To turn ON/unlock battery: Click 3 times, a white light will flash to let you know the device is on. *The 3 clicks should be fast/continuous.
  4. To Inhale Dose: Click 1 time, light will be solid white for 5 seconds to allow for an inhalation/dose. The button should not be held down for the device to function properly. *If light does not turn solid white for inhalation and only flashes white, it’s time to recharge your battery.
  5. If a 2nd consecutive inhalation/dose is needed, wait 15 minutes in between inhalations, allowing for device to cool down, which will protect your product from overheating, leaking, or burning.
  6. To turn OFF/Lock battery: Click 3 times, and a white light will flash to let you know the device is off. *The 3 clicks should be fast/continuous.
  7. When not in use, store device in child resistant jar, a zip-locked safety pouch provided by Columbia Care, or a case which can be purchased at any vape store.
  8. Wait 15 minutes between inhalations to ensure the cartridge has cooled down. The product can overheat with numerous, consecutive inhalations, which can cause the product to damage or the device to leak.
  9. To avoid leakage, do not unscrew cartridge while hot.
  10. To avoid breakage, avoid dropping the product.
  11. Store in a dark, cool area. Room temperature is sufficient. Storing near heat or light can result in leakage or product evaporation. Storing in pocket or purse could lead to product loss or leakage.
  12. Charge battery as needed. Do not overcharge battery (i.e. overnight), as this can reduce overall battery life.
  13. This device provides a controlled, uniform dose of a medical product containing Medium Chain Triglycerides (aka “MCT”) and non-traditional ingredients, such as vegetable glycerin (“VG”) or propylene glycol (“PG”). They may not taste like other vaporization products you might have experienced before.
  14. All of our products are tested by NYS prior to sale.

Video demo available on our products page.